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BBQ Smoker Grill

Technical Specs

661 lbs
Heat resistant paint (500°С)
Steel (3-5 mm)
Size (H x W x D):
45 x 43 x 49 in

BBQ Smoker Grill

Introducing the ultimate culinary solution – our 3 in 1 smoker, fryer, and BBQ grill! With its versatile functionality, both novice and expert cooks alike will be able to create delicious and savory dishes that are sure to impress.

Experience a plethora of flavors with every dish you prepare in our smoker. Whether it’s succulent shish kebabs, mouth-watering BBQ ribs, savory smoked bacon, juicy grilled chicken, hearty mushroom stews, or flavorful fish soups, the possibilities are endless!

Its inner lining made of refractory bricks ensures an economical cooking experience, enabling you to cook more food and keep the heat lasting longer than with traditional metal grills. And with its durable, long-lasting construction, you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time.

Our 3 in 1 smoker, fryer, and BBQ grill comes equipped with a variety of features, including 2 wheels with brakes for sustainability, a removable shelf for convenient firewood storage, a bimetal thermometer to ensure precise cooking temperatures, and an oak wooden handle for easy opening of the lid.

Additionally, our product includes stainless steel grill grates, a smoking box, a cauldron stove, a stainless steel tray for collecting fat, and even a built-in bottle opener for your favorite cold beverage!

Also, you can buy a convenient kit, which includes tongs, 2 pokers, and a scoop. The tools come with a stand, allowing you to keep them within reach without worrying about cluttering your workspace.